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Marco Carpineti

White capolemole

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It is the Bellone, an autochthonous vine that has always been cultivated in the pleasant and luxuriant Corese countryside , that characterizes the CAPOLEMOLE BIANCO . The yielding skin opens to a powerful pulp, as consistent as the cyclopean walls placed to protect the ancient city of Cori and gentle in giving original perfumes. The same sincere perfumes that once , during the harvest period , flowed through the cobbled streets of the town , skilled narrators of the mastery of wise and passionate men : the peasants.


Grape variety : Bellone 100%.

Density planting : 4500 vines per hectare.

Form training : espalier.

Era of harvest : September.

Vinification : soft pressing of whole grapes and fermentation at controlled temperature.

Refinement : steel.

Characteristics Organoleptic characteristics : bright light yellow colour , fruity, floral bouquet .

    White capolemole
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