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Marco Carpineti

Capolemole Rosso

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There robustness of the Montepulciano, originality of the Black Good from Choirs And in small percentage _ elegance of the Cesanese, contribute to to form the CAPOLEMOLE RED. The exposition of the vineyards to southwest to a altitude that varies from 250 to 350 meters above sea level, allows at grapes from come to maturation in different periods And from to acquire a character different from year in year. To the term of the fermentation the masses they come assembled And they follow maturing in woods from different capacity for a period from 12 months.


Grapes : Nero Buono, Montepulciano, Cesanese.

Density of plant : 4500 stumps for hectare.

Form breeding : espalier.

Epoch of harvest : September / October.

Vinification : maceration for approximately 15 days to temperature controlled.

Aging : barrels And barriques for 12 months.

Features Organoleptic : color red ruby intense, scent ample and vinous with hints from fruits from woods, jam taste dry, hot And harmonic, with mild bottom bitter.

    Capolemole Rosso
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