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Marco Carpineti

Nzù Bellone

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NZÙ was born from the history of ancient lands, much older than the foundation of Rome. NZÙ in the local language means "together". As in ancient Rome, from Bellone grapes, from work with horses, from natural fermentation and aging in terracotta amphorae. NZÙ, as its label says, connects like a line without discontinuity the certainty and vigor of the past with a sustainable "ancient future". "Together" all evidence of an ancient and current history.


Grape variety : Bellone 100%.

Plant density : 4500 vines per hectare.

Training system : espalier.

Harvest time : September.

Vinification: soft pressing of whole grapes and spontaneous fermentation in terracotta amphorae.

Refinement: 450 and 700 liter terracotta amphorae.

Organoleptic Characteristics : golden yellow colour.

    Nzù Bellone
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