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Marco Carpineti


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Vintage red wine, from Montepulciano and Cesanese grapes, bears the name of the area of ​​origin of the grapes, characterized by a volcanic soil rich in skeleton, especially tuff. This place, still today, seems to want to narrate the gratifying efforts carried out by our ancestors who, with their passion, commitment and incessant physical work, made it possible to shape these lands composed of large blocks of tuff and make them workable, adaptable to the needs of a time and today's opportunities.


Grapes : Montepulciano, Cesanese.

Plant density : 4500 vines per hectare.

Training system : espalier.

Harvest time : September/October.

Vinification : maceration for about 10 days at a controlled temperature .

Refinement : steel.

Organoleptic Characteristics : dark ruby ​​red colour, vinous bouquet with hints of violet, soft, fresh and rounded, however consistent flavour.

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