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Enyo is a reference to Greek mythology, to the Italic-Roman goddess called Bellona. It comes from a few selected Bellone vineyards, located on the hills of the municipality of Cori.

• GENERAL DETAILS: White wine from 100% Bellone grapes. Alcohol degree 13.5%

• VINEYARDS: The vines of over 30 years reared in rows, are located at an altitude between 200 and 300 meters, on soil of volcanic origin with a high concentration of ashes that make it particularly sandy, permeable to water and rich of minerals such as potassium. The composition of the soil combined with a Mediterranean climate with rainy winters and dry summers, guarantee harvests of extraordinary quality. Density of about 4000 plants per hectare and yields of 70-80 quintals per hectare. Harvest at the end of September with careful selection of the grapes

• VINIFICATION: Soft crushing and destemming; cold fermentation of the free-run must only at a temperature of 15 ° C for 12 days; permanence on the noble lees for 3 months; malolactic fermentation; maturation in steel for 12 months.

• TASTING NOTES: Enyo shines with golden yellow reflections and evokes the typical scents of the grapes of origin on the nose. It smells of wildflowers with strong hints of exotic fruit. On the palate we find the fruity aroma together with a burst of freshness that almost takes us by surprise. Soft, pleasantly enveloping. At the end, a powerful mineral trail spreads, unmistakable imprinting of the soil of Cori, rich in potassium and phosphorus. Perfect to serve with first courses of Roman cuisine, it is ideal in the company of fish and white meats. Serve at 18 ° C.

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